Beautiful. Handy. Easy to use.


What I use on my Mac now is Timerik, a very handy, very Mac-like, very affordable timer app that shows attention to detail and usability not available in many Mac timer apps. Tera Talks, March 29, 2017

A brand new look for everyday functionality

No need for words, just look at this small window that's created specifically for last macOS and contains features which should be in all macOS apps. We believe that Timerik is most beautiful counter in Mac App Store!


Small and huge at the same time

Timerik is really small and comfortable to use tool. But if you click the settings button you will see various parameters to set the counter for best usage.

Click on the book icon brings you a window where you can add, edit and delete AppleScripts files of actions.

If you not really good in scripting, we add quick installation for next scripts: Shutdown, Sleep, Restart, Log out and Stop music.


Multiple windows

Need to set up several notifications? Just click the plus icon at the bottom and use an additional window as you wish!


Don't forget your counters

For each counter you will see the counter's assistant at the status bar. Action icons lets you to know which counter when will be run.